Wild Bird Care

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Feeding birds in the garden is a popular activity - over half of adults in the UK feed birds in their garden. That's a lot of extra help for the birds! Providing birds with supplementary food will bring them closer for you observe. It will also reward them for sharing their lives with you.

Supplementary feeding can't provide all the natural proteins and vitamins that adult and young birds need. It's important to create and manage your garden to provide a source of natural foods as well, through well-managed lawns, shrub and flowerbeds.

If you provide both natural and supplementary food, your garden will be visited year-round by a host of different birds.

We have a great range of bird feeders to suit all seed types and all budgets! Our ranges provide top quality products at great prices. There are lots of different feeders, treats, bird stations and bird tables to choose from so we are sure to have the right one for the birds in your garden.

We have so many different types of wild bird seeds to choose from including niger seed, sunflower hearts, no grow mixes, high energy mixes and of course our most popular premium wild birdseed blend. We also sell a selection of our wild bird seeds loose, enabling you to take as much or as little as you need.

Alongside the seed we keep a wide range of suet snacks for your birds. Suet is very palatable and is a great way to give your birds lots of energy especially during the winter months. Attract the birds into your garden and watch them tuck in!