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Plants at Newmans...

There is plenty here to choose from, whether you have a large cottage garden or a tiny patio. Our extensive outdoor plant area is easy to wander around and see all of the bedding plants, perennials, shrubs and trees that we have to offer.

Our nursery side is extensive, growing as much of our hardy stock on site as we can. For anyone wanting to grow their own fruit or veg we have seeds, young veg and fruit plants, most of which are again grown here right in our own nursery. We also produce all of our own bedding and basket plants throughout the year, and pride ourselves on bringing you a great selection of really fresh plants for your containers and pots.


There are so many trees to choose from, and you need to be sure you make the right choice for your garden!

Our tree selection offers a great choice, with everything from acers to apples, including trees suitable for small gardens, those bearing fruit, a variety of flowering options and wonderful bark and foliage – there’s sure to be something to suit your needs and if you’re not sure, just ask one of our friendly, expert staff!


Shrubs offer a further opportunity for structure in your garden and there is, literally, something for every position. Whether you’re looking for ground cover, a border feature or a climber to cover a trellis, we offer a comprehensive collection of shrubs, many displayed in groups favouring similar conditions – so you can easily find something to suit your situation and growing conditions.  You can choose evergreen or deciduous, flowering (for any season), for foliage or for colour – or any combination of these!  And we’re more than happy to share our ideas, so why not check out our inspired displays?


Providing colour, height, drama and texture year after year, perennials are the plants that give our gardens their ‘wow’ factor. There are hundreds to choose from, but you can always rely on our large selection to showcase the best – and to give you great ideas for your own gardens! Suitable for borders, for use in pots, making combinations for stylised planting schemes and just about everything else – and if you need advice remember that we’re here to help you find the perfect plant for that special spot.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our trees, shrubs and perennials – and all the other plants we stock. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or experience gardener, or whether you’re re-designing your entire garden or want to add a little extra interest and colour, visit us in-store today for inspiration, advice and all the quality plants you’ll need.