Compost & Fertilisers

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We stock an extensive range of multi-purpose, specialist, and soil improving composts from leading brands like Levingtons, Scotts miracle gro, New Horizons and Dalefoot, many of which are on great MULTI-BUY OFFERS.

Multipurpose compost is perfect for container-grown bedding, cuttings and potting on. In our garden centre you'll find environmentally-friendly peat-free and peat-reduced composts, and composts with added fertiliser and water-retaining gels - great for thirsty hanging baskets!

Specialist composts are tailor-made for the needs of plants from citrus to roses. You'll also find soil-based composts in our garden centre for permanent container planting, ericaceous composts for lime-hating plants and fine-grade seed composts for sowing.

Soil improvers like farmyard manure are great for poorer soils to keep plants growing strongly. Mix with your soil when planting and use to mulch the surface to suppress weeds and hold in moisture.

Caring for your plants throughout the year is vital for good health and growth. Our garden centre is home to a huge range of popular chemical products such as Miracle Gro, Baby Bio, Roundup and many others. We also  strive to constantly provide new solutions alongside the old, that effectively reduce environmental damage but also increase product safety and benefits to our gardeners .

We can provide products to give you a lush green lawn, more beautiful blooms, or tasty fruit and veg, helping your garden to flourish and fend off problems, giving you more time to enjoy what you love.

We also have all you need to grow you own fruit and veg with growing bags, instant tomato planters and organic vegetable growing composts.

And finally, we have a selection of smaller sized bags of indoor houseplant, cactus, citrus and bonsai composts.