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Newmans aquatics supply both tropical and cold water fish all year round. Our fish house enables us to maintain the highest standards ensuring you strong and healthy fish.

We also offer a good selection of vigorous tropical aquatic plants, freshly delivered most weeks.

There is a good range of quality fish tanks and stands on display in our shop, all the way from starter Coldwater set ups to the larger tropical systems. Our staff are extremely knowledgeable and always happy to advise about which tank may suit your individual needs.

We have all the equipment you could need to create the perfect environment for your fish, from ponds to aquariums and pumps, fish foods, treatments, and accessories. We cater for both the beginner and the serous fish enthusiast.

Pond Care at Newmans

During the spring and summer months we stock a range of pond fish. We are able to offer advise on pond stocking, planting, filtration and treatments if things go wrong, all of these aspects backed up by a choice of products to suit your needs. Pond plants arrive mid spring, the ideal time for planting, along with a choice of lilies. We keep both marginal plants and deep water oxygenators.